Volunteer Opportunities

The following is a list of volunteer opportunities at Blissful Dreams:

Warmly welcomes everyone who walks up our driveway. Will offer direction to newcomers, ensure release forms have been completed, and spend time talking with visitors and participants.

Energy Booster
This volunteer may simply take water to parched-looking ranch hands or may be a cook who likes to bring tasty treats to feed the kids, volunteers, staff and horses.

Prayer Team
Our prayer team is so important to Blissful Dreams. Prayer makes things happen and is by far one of the most important things that can be done for the farm and our ministry as a whole.

Fund Raiser
This volunteer helps to create fund raising events that support Blissful Dreams.

Helps "set the mood" of the ranch. Uses songs with a positive message to share both a loving heart and musical skill.

Green Thumb
Uses skills to add and maintain beauty at the farm by planting, pruning, weeding and watering plants and flowers.

Memory Maker
Captures memories of ranch activities through photographs for use in farm publications or in a photo album for all to enjoy.

Hay Team
We purchase the majority of our hay from Woodruff, SC. We make the trip 4-6 times a year and it takes about 8 hours round trip. The trip also involves loading hay onto our trailer and unloading it into the hay barn upon return to the farm. A Hay Team member can help by traveling with us to Woodruff to assist in this all day adventure or by making themselves available to assist with the unloading when we return to the barn (usually around 6:00 PM).

Session Helper/Side Walker
Assists the session leader with participants who may need a little extra help. Walks beside horse and aids participant while riding.

Takes on the task of cleaning our office buildings and barns. This volunteer may tend to be detail oriented and have skill in organization. The ranch is a very dirty place! Thus, we always have great need for help in this area.

Professional Assistance
Often the farm is in need of the special skills a professional brings. Below is a general list of needed professional skill sets we could easily utilize. Please contact us if you are a professional in any of these areas and would like to help the farm out. If your profession is not listed, but you would like to offer your services anyway, let us know and we will contact you as applicable needs come up.

Takes part in limited-term construction/repair projects. Involvement is dependent on skill, but most people can be involved in some way or another.

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