Cash Donations

Although there is no charge for the participants and visitors of Blissful Dreams, there is a large cost in running the facility. The cost of maintenance and care for the horses and the property is overwhelming.
All monetary donations are greatly appreciated.

How do I donate?

If I make a donation, where does it go?
Unless otherwise designated by the donor, all monetary donations go into the operating fund. These funds pay for the program expenses, horse care, and barn maintenance.

Are donations Tax-deductible?
Blissful Dreams is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we can supply tax receipts for all donations that include, but are not limited to: monetary donations, horse tack, ranch equipment, feed, land, building, supplies, horses, etc.

Blissful Dreams is honored to accept donations dedicated to passed loved ones. Simply designate on your donation for whom the Memorial Donation is given. All Memorials will be posted on our website unless requested otherwise.